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Art and nature trails

of the upper Marecchia Valley

"Why do you want to live here?" asked the little girl of her mother. "Because I love this place so very much. I love the deep silence that calms the soul, the fresh, gushing streams, the infinitely varied colours of nature, the delicate, yet intensely perfumed air, the shade of the woods and the shy creatures that dwell there, the clear, cold, starry nights, the hidden traces of history, the villages with their old churches, the scattered ruins and the art that has a sense of purity. Like the oak tree that guards our house with its deep, solid roots in this earth made of layers that smell of moss and lichens. Follow me... in this place of undiscovered beauty, you will understand..." replied the mother, setting off along the path ..........................................continue


Who we are

..."Tell me about yourself. Who you are, what do you do?" she asked, talking with her bubbly child's voice, and staring straight into my eyes. "I am the dawn and the sunset, but above all I am twilight, I am the sky in the evening and dew in the morning. I have lived forever within the gorges of the Alp, amongst its bountiful streams, as well as in the dry leaves. I question the landscape I scrutinise, in order to understand its history; each day I skim over art with my hands, trying to gather its secrets, to make it useful and I always come back to discovering it in the surrounding countryside. I work, walk, explore and try to share what moves me..." said the mother, turning to her daughter "...and you?" she asked. "I don't know..." answered the little girl. "I circle round you as the Earth goes round the sun... but one day I shall have a planet all of my own!" and she jumped with both feet into the puddle in the middle of the path. ….


What do we do

Stefania Bernardini: I live and work in the area described. I've worked for ten years as a professional art restorer of murals. The love for my land, its history, its art and unspoiled countryside, (and also serendipity), are the reasons that led me to embark on a few guided visits. The satisfaction derived from this work as well as the response from visitors persuaded me to continue along this route. Clara Roberti:: Morning star, in search of a planet all of her own over which she will shine, takes care of the Instagram profile attached to the web site .



Our Proposal



Rofelle – Montebotolino. Guided tour of the Church Santa Maria Assunta di Rofelle, visit to the small museum of Rofelle. Short excursion to Montebotolino, visit to Montebotolino and the Church of San Tommaso


The Robbiane.Visit to the Churches of Badia Tedalda, Colcellalto, Fresciano and Montebotolino


Itinerary under construction.


Itinerary under construction.


Itinerary under construction.

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Historical settlements

The area of the Upper ValMarecchia is dotted with places of worship, many in excellent condition, others in urgent need of care and some, unfortunately, now reduced to ruins, but all full of charm.Churches on high, hermitages hidden by thick woods, intimate solitary chapels, each of these buildings tells us of the history that has taken place here, shows us unexpected works of art and fills our soul with genuine, simple emotion.

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  • The Robbiane and places of worship

    The works of art to be admired here comprise a wide spectrum of artefacts: wall paintings, painted canvases, altar panels, stone sculptures and works in wood and glazed earthenware.The latter are an important feature of the area and are part of a wide artistic discourse that starts in Florence with Luca dellaRobbia and spreads to central Italy and even extends to our isolated corner with Benedetto and Santi Buglione...

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  • The countryside

    Our area is special for its unspoiled and wild countryside.The dense forest that sometimes prevents access, neglected hedgerows between cultivated fields and pastures, dry stone walls invaded by moss and brambles, old houses whose ruined roofs sprout trees, telling stories ofa once-loved and inhabited territory today marginalized by man.But perhaps these are precisely the very places where we can admire the wonder and force of nature, far from the hassles of modern civilization, and be in touch with an environment where oaks, flowering ash and maples appear as custodians of a silent world where wolves, roe deer, foxes and badgers freely thrive, undisturbed; where flowers, shrubs and streams are changing witnesses to the seasons andnature’s infinite variety.

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  • Trails of art and nature

    1. Rofelle – Montebotolino: Guided tour of the Church of Santa Maria Assunta of Rofelle, visit to the small museum of Rofelle, short excursion up toMontebotolino, visit to the village of Montebotolino and the Church of San Tommaso

    2. The Robbiane Visit to the Churches of Badia Tedalda, Colcellalto, Fresciano and Montebotolino

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